Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to Part Deaux!

Better late than never, right? The moment we've all (those of us in the office) been waiting for and working on for what seems like forever; the launch of the all new !!! Yay!! (hold the applause please!)  Like any change involving any form of technology, things didn't exactly go off with out a hitch...but I do believe it is now live and should be appearing for everyone surfing the world wide web now. As promised, our new site is loaded with features with tools specifically chosen for you, to help take the stress out of planning for your events. My favorite part, besides being much more interactive, is our portfolio. But this part is up to you, our clients! We will constantly be adding new pictures of our events, given that you share them! We would love to display pictures of your party for inspiration for others.

If you haven't visited already, check out the site. We're excited about our new look, the tools, and news we have to offer you. If you register, there are more features available to you, such as being able to save your wish lists. That way you can work on them over time, or save multiple lists to help you determine what you want.

We want your feedback! Please, let us know what you think. Your opinion matters most.

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