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Class of 2011

The count down begins for the end of the school year. It'll be here before you know it. The end of school is exciting for kids of all ages, but especially for those who are ending their school career. Graduation is a huge milestone whether its from Kindergarten or High School. How are you planning to make it memorable for your child? An intimate family dinner? Or a huge blowout with the whole class invited? Haven't thought about it? Check out 's ideas for outdoor graduation parties.

2011 Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

2011 Sports graduation invitation
I think you need to give your graduate credit. I think they planned it on purpose, graduating from school right at the beginning of summer. An outdoor party combined with a graduation celebration is just meant to be!
Here are a few of our favorite Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas:
The Cookout – The old American summer standby. Go the traditional route with hot dogs and hamburgers or switch it up with a taco bar (a Party411 favorite!). Grab the crockpot, cook up a batch of taco meat and put out all the fixins and you are good to go. (You’ll want to set a time to eat, as the tomatoes, lettuce and cheese won’t appreciate being out in the heat all day.)
If you wanted a little twist to the Cookout you could “Roast” your graduate. How do you do this? Roast kabobs, veggies, marshmallows and then the graduate. Even if you didn’t roast the graduate this would be a deliciously entertaining graduation party!
2011 pool party graduation invitation A Pool Party – Your graduate along with friends and family will love having a pool party to celebrate. Open up the pool, tell your guests to bring their swim trunks (and a towel) and their floaties if they still need them. Add even more fun to your party by providing a Slip N Slide for all to enjoy. (You might want to have a camera handy.) Even provide water balloons. If you do have balloons designate a dry zone, nobody wants to see grandma’s reaction if her hair gets wet.
Party in the Park – Do you live near a great park or beach? Consider renting it out for your party. There is usually a pavilion which makes setting up easier. If there is an open field guests will play games themselves, whether it is baseball, football, bocce or volleyball there will be a pickup game.
Is there an outdoor graduation party you attended that was out of this world? Share it in the comments section below. Congrats to the graduate and we hope you enjoy your outdoor graduation party!
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