Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Family Circle

Any Occasion announced its exciting news last week of our new Customer Service Representative, Lester Sorsby Jr. Does that name sound familiar? It should! Here’s a little history behind Any Occasion’s newest, yet strangely, the most experienced employee.  The man that basically started it all!
Lester Sorsby Jr. has certainly had a full circle career. He was the original founder of Aztec Party Handlers in 1983. He started that company, branching off of his parents’ equipment rental company Aztec Rental. He took the party side of the rentals, and took it to a whole new level. With his long-time friend, Penne Hamblin helping to manage the store, the new business took off and was an immediate success. Lester had years of experience in business and interior design in addition to helping his parents run an equipment rental store for years. These years of experience combined to make him uniquely qualified to help customers with their event planning and party rental needs. After 18 years of growing Aztec Party Handlers into one of Houston’s top party rental companies, Lester sold the company along with the name in order to pursue other ventures.
Although Lester Jr. sold the business, he did not sell the location, so less than two years after Aztec Party Handlers was sold; Lester’s family decided to open new a party store.  Penne Hamblin, who had stayed on as Lester's manager for nine years before retiring to have children, came back to manage the new store.
Lester enjoyed semi-retirement for several years but couldn’t stay away from the party planning scene.  He worked as an event coordinator and worked for organizations such as Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but hadn’t found something to best suit his time. Fortunately for us at Any Occasion; Lester decided to return to his roots, and join his two nieces and many old friends at Any Occasion in the same location as it all began 25 years before.  We are thrilled to have him, and all of his expertise.
As our new Customer Care Representative, with his repertoire of experience and involvement in the industry, we couldn’t be more pleased to have Lester on the team as one more asset to help make your next event as stress free as possible and as perfect as you can imagine.

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