Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Buzzzz.... Sugar Land Skeeters and Any Occasion

What's the latest buzz around town? Baseball! 

More specifically, the Sugar Land Skeeters. And we couldn't be more excited about our new partnership with Sugar Land's brand new minor league ball club!!

How exciting for the town of Sugar Land to open a baseball stadium! Its fun for the whole family. From playgrounds, swimming pools, and carousels for families with children to enjoy. Then there's a center field ice house for the grown ups to enjoy.  It's a great opportunity for the residents of Sugar Land and surrounding areas to have something wholesome and fun to do. Who doesn't love baseball? Anyone, any age, will have a great time at this ball park. And we could not be more excited to welcome the team to town. We are looking forward to all the good times to be had supporting the Skeeters! 

As I was fortunate enough to go the 4th ever Skeeter's game tonight! As soon as my family and I found our seats, I was taken aback by the atmosphere. It was so alive. It was really about baseball. My first thought: This place is so cute! While my husband thought that was a horrible description of a baseball stadium, I feel it was so much better than a major league field. It was comfortable and cozy. The kids encountered the mascots multiple times. The players seem bigger, the field more real... being completely outdoors... it seemed to make it more about the game - almost more personal.  It has everything you need for a great night. Food, drinks and entertainment of all kinds. It was a special night with my kids, being their first ball game. And I could easily envision in this same spot; a great date night with my hubby, or a fun girls' or guys' night out. And I couldn't help but wish the stadium had been there when I was a Sugar Land high school student looking for something to do! Fun for all ages! 

It's going to be a great place for holding events too, with a picnic area that has buffet style dining for up to 500 people! It'll be a perfect place for a company party, or church or school field trip!   

I have only positive things to say. The stadium looks great, the team looks great, and I'd have to say, our billboard looks great! ;)  

All in all. Skeeters... Sugar Land is thrilled to have you, and Any Occasion is so excited to helping you with your future events!!

So if you are having a post game party, a pregame tailgate, or even just a little league end of season party, we have got you covered. BBQ grills, baseball print overlays, ice chests, garbage cans, hot dog rollers, frozen drink machines, popcorn machines... we'll spend the season by helping you have a great time! 

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