Thursday, December 15, 2011

Engaged and Overwhelmed? Wedding Coordinators Save Your Sanity!

Anyone who's gotten married knows how much work is involved. Sure its the day you've dreamed of all your life... but you weren't dreaming about seating arrangements and vendor schedules, and bridesmaid dresses to fit all body shapes. Before the engagement you weren't thinking about coordinating transportation to the hair salon, and for the grandparents, and for you and your hubby to be to get to the airport afterwards. Planning last minute details of a wedding ceremony and reception, inevitable family and fiance differences of opinions, and not to mention trying to pack for a honeymoon, and keep your day job... all while getting enough beauty sleep and fitting in an extra workout routine. Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job. Even if you aren't going over the top, its hard to schedule appointments around your job, meeting with vendors and tracking down that "just right" antique cake stand, or the 10 spools of 1/2" ribbon in the perfect shade of lavender. 

Have you thought of having a coordinator? Every one's heard of them. Probably seen the movie, The Wedding Planner. Cute movie! Who wouldn't want Jennifer Lopez's expertise and style helping you create the most exquisite affair, that will have every one's jaws drop, and a reception people will be talking about years down the road? Of course, that's just a luxury for the super rich, right? No. Today's wedding planners cater to today's budget conscious bride. There are planners and packages for all types of brides.

We've recently learned of a promising local company, Jour L'Amour Weddings.  Owner/Coordinator Tara, has been a delight to work with and has such unique style, is really fun to work with and is just bursting with energy and ideas.

And get this! She's offering a 75% discount to three Brides! If you are getting married, having showers, etc. between now and March, you've got to give her a call! Check it out! SCHOLARSHIP BRIDE OFFER:

From her page:
I am currently looking for up to 3 brides who have events between December and March (Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Wedding, etc) that you would like help with.  Those 3 lucky brides will get my services for 75% off of my normal fee!  Once I book those 3 brides, this offer will expire. Call or email me for details.
Guys! This could still interest you too! She can help you plan the proposal that will blow her away!

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