Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Special: $4.00 Chiavaris

In honor of Valentine's day, we wanted to choose something with a classic and romantic look for our special of the month. And who doesn't love the elegant look of chiavari chairs? The chairs are timeless. You see them in wedding receptions, corporate dinners, even Hollywood's award show dinners. If its an event worth dressing up for, these are the chairs you want. They aren't the cheapest of chair and often may not be within a budget. But if you have had these chairs in mind for any event, book 'em!  We're marking chiavari chairs down to $4.00 for any order paid in full! Your event isn't until October? That's fine, but don't put off placing an order, these prices are only good if you book them before 2/29/12. 

Just look what these do to a room!

So get the look you LOVE, and book your chiavaris today!

The fine print:

This is not valid with any other coupon or offer.
Special price is good for all colors of chiavari chairs.
Chiavari bar stools are 1/2 off - $5.25.
Subject to availability.
Prices valid until 2/29/2012
No refunds will be given on the reservation of chiavaris with promotional pricing. The remainder of your order can be canceled, or the credit can be transferred to another item or order.

Please, see a sales associate or email us with any questions.

Have you been kept in the dark and don't know what to think about these fabulous chairs? Don't take our word for it.  Check out this link from with a discussion on whether or not these are "must have" chairs for your wedding reception!

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