Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show off your event, get $ back!!

So you had a great party. Ate, drank and were merry? Everyone had a great time. What a relief after how hard you worked. You spent weeks or months planning, days preparing, hours beforehand stressing over last minute details. The music, color scheme, menu, dishes, entertainment. But it was worth it, cause yes, you indeed impressed your friends. You're feeling pretty good about how it all turned out. It looked good, didn't it? Martha Stewart could take some tips from you? Ok, maybe not Martha, but some other local publication would be impressed, right? I mean, you pulled it all together, got the look you wanted, and demonstrated your own style. Show it off! If you took pictures of your event, no matter what the occasion, send them to us! If your picture shows our equipment, we would love to see it! And if it is one of our top picks, we would love to share it on our blog, website, or facebook. If we do, you'll get a $25 refund on your order. Come on, send us your pictures! What's it going to hurt??!

It doesn't have to be a reception, or anything fancy. If you are proud of your Super Bowl party, send it in! Backyard craw fish boils with gingham linens and stock pots, school festivals with concession equipment and 10' x 10' tents, fashion shows with a 60' runway, corporate meetings with conference tables and podiums, birthday parties, christenings, baby showers, retirement parties, any event, any equipment, ANY OCCASION, we want to see it! Whether you were the caterer, event planner, bride, or hostess, if you rented equipment from us, send the photo in! There's no limit to how many pictures you submit. Who knows how many we'll choose! Even if you haven't had your event yet, keep this in mind. Make sure you take plenty of pictures! (This should go with out saying for any occasion!)  Preferably get some shots of your gorgeous set up before all the people crowd in there and mess it up! :) We want to see your party!! Caterers and event planners, show off your work! Of course we'll give you the credit! What's better than that? Free publicity and a discount on your order? Its win-win! Now lets see those photos!

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